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At Pops, we have a vision that every person and family should have access to affordable, organic, nutrient-dense local food.

Together, we are transforming lawns and other outdoor spaces into edible landscapes and perennial food forests.


Gardening & Maintenance

We take a holistic approach to garden and property care.

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Hand-drawn to scale, a full blueprint of your property and customized permaculture plan.

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Permaculture is a design approach rooted in sustainability.

With the thoughtful placement of integral elements, we can create ecosystems and biodiversity that will take care of not only you and your family but also the environment.  It can be achieved at any size on any scale – from balconies to acreages.


The sun provides energy for the plants and is a major part of designing your space.


Capturing rainwater to use for irrigation, planting gardens to reduce runoff, and creating ponds to attract diversity are a few options to consider for your design.


Everything begins with the soil. If your soil is unhealthy, your space will never flourish to its potential. Ask us about living soil and organic amendments!


Incorporating a wide variety of native species, edibles, and perennials, we will create a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and thriving with abundance.


The birds, the bees, the bugs, and all the critters and creatures that call your space home - or will!
This can include all that's natural, and also any 'livestock' - chickens, bees, etc.


Technology can help by providing energy, to automating systems. With so many options out there to explore, we can advise based on your current and future needs.

...and US!

How we interact with our surroundings and ultimately what we want from the space.

Incorporating a FOREST GARDEN

Also known as a Food Forest, these are an amazing addition to any permaculture design.

Mimicking a natural forest ecosystem, these gardens are designed in vertical layers, using space very efficiently. 

Layered Approach

From the top of the canopy to the forest floor, every space is considered carefully.

Perennial Food System

Using native species, edible and medicinal perennials, and a variety of trees, shrubs, vines, and ground cover, we will fill your space for the greatest yields. These systems are much more resilient to drought, flooding, and extreme weather, provide more habitat, feed pollinators, AND they keep coming back every year.


Our earth and wildlife need our help to heal - by creating these systems we are providing much-needed habitat and space for nature to flourish.

Owen completed a Permaculture Design Course in 2021 and quickly got to work building his business. He is excited to help others live a more resilient, sustainable life that gives back to Mother Nature instead of taking and degrading it.

He is also a designer for Food Forest Abundance.

Who is POPS?

Pops is a family-based business specializing in edible landscapes and food forest design.

We currently live in a world with a system based on consumerism, where industrial agriculture is damaging the planet. Mother Nature provides us with everything we need as long as we work with her, not against her. Growing your own food in a regenerative way has enormous benefits for you, your family, local ecosystems, and future generations. With a change in mindset, we can turn our lawns, schools, and parks into an abundance of perennial fruits, nuts, herbs, vegetables, and medicine.

'Pops' is named after my daughter, Poppy.
My kids are my reason and driving force behind the business. I want to ensure their futures are happy and that they are resilient, conscientious, and have a beautiful world to live in.

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